Computer Warranty for Refurbished Models

Many used computers are sold without a warranty that extends beyond the manufacturer’s original warranty. Consequently, consumers and businesses are often hesitant to invest in used hardware that doesn’t come with a warranty that protects the purchase. This is why offers an extended computer warranty for all of the PCs we sell.

Protect Your Purchase With Our Warranties

We offer extended warranty options, including a laptop warranty, for any PC hardware you find in our online store. Like our refurbished hardware, our warranties are highly affordable. Choose between a six-month computer warranty that costs just $20 and a one-year warranty that is only $60. Our computers are reconditioned to look and perform like new, but it’s always a good idea to have a warranty in place.

Get the Hardware and Warranty You Need

For many consumers and businesses, using a computer is essential to daily life. If you can’t do without a computer, it’s a good idea to protect your hardware with one of our extended computer warranty options. If something happens to go wrong with your computer during normal use, the warranty lets you avoid paying hundreds of dollars to a computer repair shop.

For more information about our extended PC warranty options or help with placing an order, please contact us today to speak with a service specialist. We look forward to assisting you.