Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. If the information you need is not here, please contact us today to receive an answer from one of our experienced customer service specialists.

Q: I have received my order from Discount-Computer.com. Now what?

A: Please reference our pdf-32.png Quick Start Guide. The information contained in this booklet will guide you through the connection and initial setup of your refurbished computer.

Q: How can I activate your Windows 10 (Home or Pro)?

Note: Due to security concerns, we cannot pre-activate Windows for customers. As shown in the video above, you must scratch off the gray box labeled "Microsoft" to reveal the license key.

Q: How do I check your Windows 10 version and edition?

Q: How can I connect to wifi on your Windows 10?

Q: How do I check for updates on your Windows 10?

If you need additional information pertaining to the resources above, please contact us today for customer assistance. You can also visit the Microsoft website to view the Windows activation errors guide, or you can call Microsoft customer support to receive over the phone activation.