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Our refurbishment process reconditions computers from the inside out. The shell is removed to thoroughly clean interior spaces, worn or problematic parts are replaced, and the computer receives a facelift that restores its exterior to like new condition, with no dings or signs of wear.

Some sellers of cheap computers do the minimal amount of work needed to make the equipment fit for professional resale. Our process is more thorough. We completely recondition computers to ensure that they look as great as they perform and perform as great as they look.

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Refurbished Computers, Monitors, Accessories & More is an online retailer of refurbished computers and accessories that work like new but cost significantly less than the original price. When you shop with us, you can find a computer that offers the reliability and capability you need without sacrificing the quality for an affordable price. We offer you a complete solution that has the price and performance you require for business, home, school, or hours of digital gaming fun.

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New Windows Preinstalled

In addition to low prices and great product selection, we are your premier option for refurbished computers because we preinstall the latest Windows through our partnership with Microsoft. Simply follow this easy software activation guide, and your hardware will be ready for countless hours of reliable use. To help protect your investment, consider adding an extended warranty.

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Today Whether you need computers and accessories for upgrading the IT system of your business or for personal use, is your one-stop source for complete computing solutions. For more information about products or help placing an order, please contact us today. Get the hardware you need for two to three times less than the original price at!