Reconditioned Desktop Computers: What Has Been Reconditioned?

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At, all our products have been refurbished to run like new. We’ve been rebuilding and selling reconditioned desktop computers for years. With the knowledge we’ve gained working in this industry, we can guarantee premium quality products for a much lower price than you would expect. If you’re unfamiliar with reconditioned computers, and you aren’t sure if buying one is right for you, let us show you how a basic refurbishment is completed to help you understand the process.

Refurbished Versus Used

When a computer is listed as “used,” it has already been bought and used by a customer and then sold to someone else with no additional repairs, warranty, or certification. At, we don’t sell used products. We specialize in comprehensively refurbishing every part of a computer and selling it with a warranty to ensure you enjoy a lower cost of ownership and a little more peace of mind.

Where We Get Our Computers

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Our equipment always comes from reliable sources. We get computers from reputable wholesalers and manufacturers. Often, these computers are canceled orders, unsold inventory, or products that are at the end of their leasing cycle. Every single one of these computers has been relabeled as factory recertified to guarantee that they can be sold and used as reconditioned computers.

What Happens to These Computers?

When we first get one of these computers, it starts a rigorous inspection process at our tech center. It undergoes a complete test of its functionality to ensure that everything is up to our standards. If there is a unit that doesn’t meet our requirements, we conduct an analysis to decide whether a part can be replaced or if it needs to be recycled immediately.

A computer that passes the initial inspection then goes on to be physically cleaned and wiped of any data by a certified technician. Any dents or scratches are touched up and repaired and the reconditioned computer will look and run as if it were completely new.

Are Reconditioned Computers Reliable?

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The technicians and are certified and authorized to refurbish every computer from HP and Dell to Lenovo and Apple. We even offer a number of refurbished monitors, laptops, and accessories that all look and function like new. To guarantee every single one of our products, everything comes with a warranty too!

Do Customers Need to do Anything Extra?

Many customers assume they need to install the operating system on their own when they buy a reconditioned desktop computer. We’re here to reassure you that this is not true. All our machines come pre-installed with the latest OS 一 even if you bought a Mac. With our refurbished desktops and laptops, you have the exact same experience as buying a brand new computer online. In fact, buying refurbished may actually be better because our computers are double inspected and have a much lower rate of DOA or defective issues when they arrive.

If you still have questions about reconditioned computers and the process they go through, reach out to our team today for more in-depth answers!

Nov 12th 2019

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