Computer Trojans: How to Protect Yourself from Malware

It happens to all of us at some point or another: you’re cruising the internet when suddenly your computer turns into a useless, frozen wreck. Maybe you clicked the wrong link, opened the wrong email, or downloaded a program that seemed innocuous enough at the time, but no matter how you got here the worst has happened: your computer has caught a virus. But don’t freak out! The solutions to your problem might be simpler than you think.

Several maladies can affect your OS, from computer trojans to adware and beyond. These viruses often aren’t just annoying; at their worst they can end up costing you bundles of money in repairs and new hardware. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to avoid falling prey to the worst of it. has tips and tricks to keep your system running safely and smoothly.

How to Protect Yourself from Malware

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It isn’t just sleazy pop-ups you have to keep an eye on when it comes to safely browsing the net. Many computer trojans have infiltrated operating systems around the globe through ads on legitimate webpages. Many sites use Google Ads, which don’t always do the best job filtering out promotions from suspicious actors. It’s easier than you might think to click on a product page and go down a rabbit hole of signups and proxy pages that eventually saddle your computer with a bushel of unwanted adware or malware. Even trusted webpages will fall into this trap more commonly than you might think.

Luckily, good ad blockers, like the appropriately titled  AdBlock for Google Chrome, do a fantastic job of cutting down on the risk of trojans and other computer problems brought upon by negligent or malicious advertisers. Blocking ads isn’t just good for making your web browsing experience faster and less annoying, they’re also important for keeping your rig safe!


Of course, a startling number of people out there fall victim to applications and scams that have been haunting the net since its inception. Sometimes even the best of us forget our fundamentals, so it’s always good to remind yourself of a few simple tips for safe browsing:

  • Almost every pop-up ad will bring your device misery
  • Toolbar downloads are hotbeds for computer trojans and adware
  • Steer clear of weather apps
  • Never open emails attachments from people you don’t know
  • If a website seems sketchy, it probably is sketchy, so click away quickly!

Not every computer problem needs strong hardware and technical know-how to avoid or overcome. A little common sense can go a long way toward making your computer healthy and happy for a long time to come!


Finding the right security program

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No computer is truly secure from trojans and other malware without a good virus protection program on its side, but the options available can be dizzying. More expensive isn’t always better: Norton and MacAfee are go-tos for a lot of people, but these programs can be clunky and slow down your computer just as much as any piece of unwanted adware.

Luckily, plenty of free and affordable options can keep your laptop safe from the worst the blackhats have to offer. Many PCs come with Windows Defender, which is an adequate option for computer security as long as it’s kept updated. But computer trojans and ransomware might still slip through without diligence. Both  Spybot: Search and Destroy and Avast Antivirus have been keeping computers safe and up to spec for years at little to no charge. And while its free version only scans for malware that’s already on your computer and doesn’t offer active protection, Malwarebytes is an incredibly thorough and trustworthy piece of software for rooting out bad actors on your computer.

Before you commit to one of the free antivirus programs, do your research. Trojans thrive on computer users who think they’re getting an efficient protection plan only to fall into a scam. And remember not to have more than one program running simultaneously: antivirus programs can sometimes identify each other as malware or otherwise conflict with each other’s functions when more than one is active, and that can slow down your computer as much as any nasty piece of adware!

Another way to combat computer trojans are firewalls. Firewalls increase network security by monitoring incoming and outgoing net traffic. Firewalls can be programmed to allow desirable web traffic and block undesirable web traffic. Firewalls come in two varieties. The most common type of firewalls are software based. Software-based firewalls are installed on individual computers. They interact with the computer’s internet connection to keep out unwanted web traffic. The other type is the hardware firewall. Hardware firewalls are dedicated security devices placed between routers and the internet connection, and are put to use most often for companies and large corporations to guard entire networks from unwanted traffic.


Keeping your device safe from the worst of the net is a mix of common sense and good software. If you have a solid antivirus program and a healthy suspicion toward unknown links, advertisements, and emails, 95% of problems you’ll have with computer trojans and other computer hang-ups will be gone in a snap.

But for that other 5% of the time, sometimes tougher measures are required. Even experts get tripped up in the complicated world of computer security on occasion. You can’t always account for everything that might happen to your PC; cybercriminals are tricky, and they’re constantly thinking of new ways to subvert security systems. You might very well have to bring in your computer for a checkup or even a trade-in every so often.

That’s where we come in. Computer trojans and other kinds of viruses and malware might end up doing a number on your laptop or desktop, but they don’t have to break the bank as well. offers phenomenal rates on computer rebates, repairs, and installing software like firewalls. We boast knowledgeable, top-of-the-line customer service providers that excel at providing your computer with exactly what it needs without sticking their hands in your pocket. Shop Discount Computer today!

Feb 7th 2019

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