New Job, New Computer? Find the Best Desktops and Laptops for Travel And Work

New Job, New Computer? Find the Best Desktops and Laptops for Travel And Work

When you land a new job that requires travel or allows you to work from home, you will want to make sure you have the best laptop for travel and work. After all, your new responsibilities mean that you may be spending more time on your work computer. That doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on a shiny new model, however. On the contrary, a refurbished desktop or laptop for office work might be right up your alley. 

Refurbished Doesn't Mean Broken or Old 

There are many myths and misconceptions about what a “refurbished” computer is, but some of the reasons a computer may end up being refurbished include: 

  • Someone returned the system or canceled their original order without ever using it. 
  • The computer was dead-on-arrival straight out of the box from the manufacturer 
  • The computer has exterior and cosmetic defects, possibly occurring during shipping 
  • There is a software or performance glitch. 

Don't let these reasons worry you, though. When a computer is refurbished, it will undergo multiple tests to see what's wrong, followed by repairs to make it as good as new. 

You Can Get a High-Performance Computer for Less

a high-performance desktop setup

There's no standard for refurbished computers, meaning there's no set battery of tests or repairs for every machine. Whatever a computer needs to run perfectly and be the best laptop or desktop for travel and work, that's what it gets. During the refurbishment process, updates and upgrades are often included. 

Once a computer has been refurbished, it genuinely is as good as a new device. That can benefit you when you're looking for a laptop for office work or a refurbished desktop to use in your home office. Refurbished devices are sold cheaper than a device that is considered brand new, so you can afford a high-performance computer for your new job. 

You Need a Serviceable, Solid Machine 

On your home computer, you probably want a ton of space to store all your photos, a speedy processor, and a comfortable setup so you can watch movies with superior graphics or enjoy game night with your friends. 

In contrast, for the best laptops for travel and work, you don’t need to worry about a computer that can handle Fortnight or WOW if the most taxing thing you are going to do is look at spreadsheets with thousands of rows of data. As long as your computer can handle your daily work activities, you’ll be just fine. 

Besides, it's not uncommon for a work computer to be a completely separate entity. In other words, you don't need to send personal emails, load up Discord, or sync up your Spotify. All you really need is space and speed. 

Pre-Loaded Software Is (Sometimes) a Blessing

software programs on a computer

As mentioned, refurbished computers are usually updated in a variety of ways. That includes the introduction of new software. All desktops and laptops come with pre-loaded software, and the same is true of laptops for office work. 

You may end up getting all the basic software you need, such as some type of writing and editing suite, as well as photo editing software and an email client. That saves you from having to download and perhaps buy new software, and it's more than enough to get you started with your new job. 

It Will Do Exactly What You Need It to Do 

The best desktop and laptop for travel and work meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. The cost doesn't matter, the model doesn't matter—nothing matters except its ability to get the job done. By buying a refurbished desktop or laptop, you're making an investment that neither breaks your bank account nor leaves you in the lurch. 

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Feb 6th 2020

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