Back to School Sale: Save on Refurb. Apple

STAFFORD, TX, August 8 For most students, summer vacation unfortunately comes to an end in a few weeks, but has announced a sale on refurbished computers that can make the transition back to the classroom a lot less costly.

Apple products students love will be discounted five to ten percent beyond already low prices, including the Macbook (limited quantity) and most Core i3 and i5 Series desktops. An upcoming coupon code on the company’s website is what shoppers will need to grab the extra savings.

“Most of the [computers] are already on sale and will be slightly more discounted during the back to school season, while supplies last, not for just a day or two,” says David Olson, a writer-representative who works with and covers IT news.

“Considering what you pay at Apple store for these models, their refurbished condition makes them a great value in terms of sheer dollars and also the capacity you get for price,” Olson continues. “These are computers perfect for home use, in the dorm, and even the school computer lab. Schools that need to re-optimize their labs should take advantage, too.”

About sells late model, refurbished computers and accessories from Apple and other major brands for a fraction of the original sticker price. Saving hundreds is common, and, depending on what you need, the discount could reach four figures.

More than just used computers and add-ons that are in good condition, hardware from is reconditioned from the inside out. The printed circuit boards look like they just came from the factory, and so does the shell that houses them. Add in the merchant’s optional extended warranty protection (starting at $75 for Apple Products), and you essentially get a new computer for a used computer price.

Whether you’re a student who needs a better computer, the parent of one, or a school whose computer lab needs an infusion of fresh hardware, see the price-dropped options at’s back to school sale.


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Aug 6th 2018

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