Are Refurbished Computers Any Good?

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If you’re looking for a computer that can deliver the performance and versatility you require at a lower price, you should definitely start looking into refurbished computers. Are refurbished computers any good? At, we rebuilt all our refurbished models from the inside out. Whether it’s a laptop or a desktop, we double-check that every piece and part is operating at top capacity. If you’re wondering why you should buy refurbished desktop computers, read here for our top tips and advice.

1. Saving Money

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One thing that refurbished computers are very good at is saving you money. You can get anywhere from 30% to 80% off the original price of a computer when you buy a refurbished laptop or desktop computer. even offers you a warranty to ease your mind about buying something that was once used or defective.

2. Good Quality

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Most of the computers we refurbish aren’t always returned because they were defective. Many times, it’s due to buyer’s remorse or a canceled order. These computers can’t be returned to the manufacturer as new, so companies like double check their quality and operational reliability to ensure they work like new. Are these refurbished computers any good? They’re good enough to be guaranteed by the manufacturer and backed by one of our warranties.

3. Versatile Options

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You can find refurbished computers from tons of different manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a Dell, an HP, a Lenovo, or an Apple computer, you can find them here!

4. Low DOA Rates

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Since every single refurbished computer has been checked inside and out for any and all issues, there is a much lower chance your computer is defective or dead on arrival. Each one of our systems is repaired, cleaned, and intensely tested before being added to our inventory for resale. Because of all the extra tests we run, there’s a much higher chance of an issue with a brand new computer than one of ours. So are refurbished computers any good? Maybe they’re better than buying new!

Tips for Buying a Refurbished Laptop Computer

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When you’re shopping around for refurbished laptop or desktop computers, you want to make sure that you’re shopping from a manufacturer or factory approved company — like These are regulated businesses that offer warranties and guarantees on their products.

You also want to buy a refurbished computer at a significant discount. If you aren’t getting more than 20%, it’s not worth it. Many rebuilt computers come with small exterior defects, so you want to make sure you’re actually getting a great deal.

Buying From

At, we offer you top quality refurbished models from a variety of brands. You can also find all the accessories you need in our massive inventory. Still have questions about buying refurbished? Reach out to us today!

Nov 13th 2019

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