Certified Refurbished Laptops - What is the Certification Process?

Your laptop follows you everywhere. When it comes time to replace your trusty companion, it’s best to do your research. After reading a few tech blogs and browsing the internet, you’ve likely come across the term “refurbished” or “certified refurbished” alongside the new or used laptop categories. So what makes a laptop certified refurbished? And how does the certification process work? We’ll help guide you through the process at Discount-Computer.com so you can make your next purchase an informed one.

What are Certified Refurbished Laptops?

You can distinguish a refurbished laptop from its used counterpart in a few different ways. A used laptop is simply sold in as-is condition and there aren’t many guarantees that it will function properly or last very long. On the flip side, a laptop that is certified refurbished undergoes some type of repair or upgrades by a technician to make sure it functions well. In many cases, refurbished laptops even come with a warranty.

These laptops are often used - but it’s how they were used that may vary. Here are a few reasons why a laptop might end up in the refurbished category:

  • Laptops returned by customers with a small flaw
  • Display products that cannot be resold
  • Office technology traded in from year to year to keep up with the trends
  • Technology at the end of a business lease

When you choose refurbished products, you could get lucky and find yourself with a device that is practically new. While that is not always the case, you should at least get a few good years of use out of certified refurbished laptops - and often even longer.

Who Refurbishes My Technology?

Every company is different and each has their own standards of refurbishment. If you dig a bit deeper into the websites of online resellers and dealers, you’ll notice that many claim that their technicians are qualified or certified to work on a particular brand of computer. But what does that mean? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Many manufacturers train technicians to work on specific machines
  • Some refurbishing companies actually provide space for manufacturers to repair their own machines under warranty
  • There are different levels of expertise a technician might obtain to work on your laptop

In other words, the type of refurbishment your particular machine might undergo could be very different from one place to another. Certified refurbished laptops perform better when worked on by qualified technicians. Before you buy, ask some questions about who is working on your machine and what experience they have. Often, this information is available online.

What Is the Process?

As an informed customer, you should know that there is no industry standard to identify what makes a laptop “certified refurbished”. Instead, there are a series of guidelines and processes a company may choose to undergo to make sure the buyer is getting a reliable device. Here are just a few processes that are included in the umbrella term of being certified refurbished:

  • Interior space is cleaned and dusted
  • Worn out parts are replaced
  • Exterior is repaired or replaced
  • Programs and software are updated and optimized

All certified refurbished laptops require their own tailored detailing - and it’s an art. While many companies have rigorous standards that make sure you’re getting a high-performance computer, others simply clean and reboot and place the item for sale. Buyers are left to delve through the individual processes of each company.

What Happens to Data?

Even lightly-used machines may contain sensitive personal information and data. In order to maintain the integrity of the former user, many companies have come up with their own methods of ensuring that previous data is eliminated.

  • Each machine undergoes a thorough inspection
  • Any data on the machine is wiped clean by a technician
  • No old data will be available to the buyer of a refurbished product

Certified refurbished laptops often look and function like new. So, what’s the difference? Often it’s just the price tag.

How Do I Find a Good Refurbished Laptop?

You can find refurbished laptops in brick and mortar stores or online. With the proliferation of e-waste, recycling and repairing old or imperfect technology has become commonplace around the world. As many consumers look to jump at the latest tech trends, others are learning to ‘make do’ with what they have, or try to give an old device new life. Before you join them, here are some good questions to ask:

  • What is the refurbishment process of the company?
  • Is there a warranty?
  • How much money will I save?
  • Who is working on my device?

Where you choose to buy is a personal decision. Do your homework, and opt for an established company with a transparent process and clear warranty information to avoid buyer’s remorse. Purchasing a refurbished machine can often be your best buy if you choose wisely.

What Are the Downsides?

Despite all the savings and perks, there are some downsides to purchasing certified refurbished laptops. If having the absolute latest tech is important to you, a refurbished laptop won’t serve your purposes. You’ll have to wait a while for the newest release. Keep these thoughts in mind before you buy:

  • Without a warranty, buying a refurbished laptop can still be risky business
  • Expect your battery life to be slightly drained
  • The newest model is seldom available
  • You might compromise on the cosmetic appearance

Smart buyers do their research, so steer clear of these disappointing scenarios and inform yourself before you make your choice.

Ready to Buy?

Your laptop is like a second skin, and you want it to last and perform like new. Shop the best home and office laptops at Discount-Computer.com and visit our blog for even more tech tips and best buys.

Aug 24th 2019

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