Mac OS on PC: The Pros and Cons of Running Hackintosh

The Pros and Cons of Running Hackintosh

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If your laptop is chugging along a little slower than you think it ought to, or if pages are taking longer to load than you remember, don’t trade the machine in for a new model just yet. It’s highly possible that a few simple tweaks can get your operating system running just as well as when it came out of the box. Read on to learn how to clean up your computer and save a bundle of time and money in the long run.


While many people know the importance of keeping computer systems updated, not every automatic update includes everything you’ll need to have your system running at its peak. Sometimes it’s best to manually check for things like new sound and graphics drivers. Finding individual drivers is different for every operating system, but doing so is just a Google search away, and you can usually right-click on the driver in question to find a “check for updates” option.


You can’t clean up your computer properly without knowing how to look for a good virus scanner. Scanners can keep your rig clean not just from nasty trojans but bothersome malware and unneeded programs as well. Don’t just search for “virus scanner” though, as many of these results will be ineffective at best, and phishing scams at worst. Instead, look for trusted free options like  Malwarebytes and Avast. But make sure you’re only using one, as multiple protection programs can frequently trip each other up and slow down your computer as much as malware!


As a lesser known option, defragmenting your hard drive is important. Defragmenting is essentially your computer’s version of spring cleaning—it takes all the bits of data scattered all over your hard drive and organizes them into neat parcels that are quicker and easier for your software to locate and use. This is especially important after big updates and new programs are installed. You can usually find the defragmenting option by simply putting “defragment and optimize drives” in your computer’s search bar. The process can be a bit lengthy at a couple hours (or longer, depending on the size of your drive), but well worth it for your system’s overall health and performance!


Use these methods and others to clean up your computer so it will run how you like. You’ll keep your machine running smooth for years to come. Sometimes, though, your device might give you more than you can handle and you’ll still have to call in the experts. When that time comes, visit for computer repairs and upgrades, with prices and service you won’t get anywhere else!

Feb 5th 2019

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