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Refurbished Versus New Laptops

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what it means to buy a refurbished PC or laptop. Since our business is selling refurbished computers, the team at Discount-Computer.com knows exactly what goes on behind the scenes and which refurbishment myths are fact or fiction. If you want to know what buying a refurbished computer really means, read on here to learn the truth about refurbished vs new laptops today.

Myth 1: You Won’t Get the Newest Specs

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When computers were first being sold, the advances from one model to the next were immeasurable. Even a model that had come out one year before wasn’t even close to what the newest computer was capable of. This was the standard until a few years ago when most computers reached the point where if the computer was used for just the basics, the difference between generations was nearly undetectable.

Today’s computers have also advanced to the point that it’s a simple matter to swap out and upgrade specific pieces of hardware in any computer to perfectly meet your needs. Since we replace any broken hardware in the refurbished computers we get, you could be buying a model computer with better specs than the original at a much lower cost. In fact, we have such a large selection of computers that you can find any configuration of RAM, drive, GPU, and processor to meet your needs. We consider that a win for refurbished vs new laptops!

Myth 2: Refurbished Means it Was Broken

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While some of our refurbished laptops are used computers that we had to comprehensively revamp, many of the computers we get are those that were returned right after purchase. Oftentimes, these computers were never used or were DOA. Instead of fixing them up on their own, companies like DellHP, and Lenovo, turn them over to us. We complete a full inspection to figure out if anything is wrong and replace whatever parts need replacing.

It may actually be better to buy refurbished, as the DOA rate for refurbished vs new laptops is much lower because they’ve undergone an additional inspection!

Myth 3: Refurbished Computers Won’t Last

Most refurbished computers are only a year or two old — some have never been used at all! Since computers generally have a long lifespan, assuming a model one year from now won’t last as long is ludicrous. Because of the additional inspections and upgrades, refurbished computers may even be more reliable than the original!

Some of the most reliable companies in the world, like Apple, sell computers that will last decades. The lifespan of a refurbished vs new laptop is nearly negligible when you consider that today’s computers are meant to last 10 years or more.

Myth 4: Your Computer Will Need More Maintenance

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Another myth to be busted is the maintenance required for a refurbished vs new laptop or computer. These computers require the exact same level of maintenance and care as a new computer — especially when you buy a refurbished PC from a reputable dealer. Dealers like Discount-Computer.com put in a lot of extra effort to ensure that a refurbished model is nearly indistinguishable from its new counterpart. The certification process for a refurbished computer is intensive and guarantees the quality of what you’re buying.

Myth 5: Refurbished is Bad for Business

Some people think that a refurbished vs a new laptop will reflect badly on their business. It sends a message to potential customers and clients that business isn’t going well and that the company could be cutting corners on important processes.

If you think about it, can you tell the difference between a refurbished computer and a new one? How many offices have you been to where the staff is working on the newest possible model? This myth is absolutely false! Many offices use refurbished computers to keep their IT budget on track and ensure their staff has reliable software and hardware to work with.

Myth 6: You Won’t Get a Warranty

You never want to buy any new or refurbished technology without a warranty! Respectable and trustworthy dealers will always offer you one. The warranty at Discount-Computer.com is second to none in the entire refurbishing industry. We even provide tech support for all our products at no extra charge!

Shopping with Discount-Computer.com

When you choose to shop the refurbished computers on our site, you’re getting fully inspected, top quality products from brands you can trust. With a warranty and additional tech support, there’s no reason not to buy a refurbished PC here. Explore our entire inventory to find the perfect computer or monitor for your needs.

Oct 8th 2019

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