Cheap Refurbished PC Towers vs. New PC Towers

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Getting a new PC is a major investment. Most brand new machines cost as much as a few car payments. So whether you want to upgrade a machine or start with something new, it’s not a decision most people take lightly. While it’s easy enough to find cheap refurbished PC towers, many people want to know that they are getting something brand new. It can be nice with a new machine to know that it doesn’t have any issues in its history, but refurbished PCs offer just as much value as a new machine, at a fraction of the cost.

Ready to learn more about cheap refurbished PC towers and new PC towers? Read on!

What Exactly Does “Refurbished” Mean?

Many people think refurbished PC towers are used computers. This is sometimes the case but not always. Computer owners sometimes send their computers back for all kinds of reasons—not just because of programming errors. A common reason PCs are sold as refurbished is due to very small defects or cosmetic issues that prevent them from being sold as brand new, but such defects can easily be repaired. And you’ll find that cheap refurbished PC towers are sold in great to excellent condition. Computer stores give PC towers the proper care and attention they need to look and perform like new before rolling them back out to customers. Each computer undergoes extensive treatment before being resold, receiving attention in multiple areas that may include:

  • Thorough cleaning and dusting of all interior spaces
  • Fixing any worn out or problematic parts
  • Retouching or replacing the entire exterior

While not every refurbished PC requires the same treatment – depending on the condition it’s in – once they’ve been serviced, a refurbished computer will work just as well as a brand new machine.

Refurbished PCs Available from Leading Manufacturers

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One surprising thing about refurbished PCs is the wide selection available. Many modern companies get rid of their machines far before they are worn out to use up technology budgets and stay competitive. This means there are a lot of great choices when it comes to cheap refurbished PC towers! No matter what your goals are, you’ll find refurbished PC towers that perform to the exact same specifications as non-refurbished machines. And you can find refurbished towers from top brand name manufacturers. 

It’s easy to find refurbished machines from many recognizable and industry-leading brands, including:

And refurbished PC towers often come complete with everything needed for a computer workstation, including accessories like keyboards and more.

Offered Extras

One of the top reasons to buy a new PC tower rather than a refurbished one is the extra warranty length, computer programs, and peripherals like printers that the manufacturer sometimes throws in with a big purchase. However, computer stores will often offer many of those same extras with the purchase of a refurbished PC tower.

Life of a Refurbished PC Tower

You may wonder with refurbished machines, how long does a desktop computer last? The short answer is that the average refurbished PC tower lasts as long as any other tower. And you can find six month or one year warranties for refurbished computers at an affordable rate. The long answer is that, with computers, nothing is ever completely certain. Most of the questions about computer life deal with the way they are cared for, how frequently they are used, and to what extent they are used. A computer that is only used for word processing and checking email could last years and years, no problem, whereas a computer that is put into the service of mining for crypto will probably have a much shorter life. And no matter how great a computer is, a spilled drink into the hardware spells game over.

Great PCs at Great Prices

Ultimately, the main difference between new PC towers and refurbished PC towers is the price. Refurbished machines and new machines provide the same great experiences. But going the refurbished route will help you find cheap desktop computers for sale.

May 2nd 2019

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